As a Social Worker and Liason for Ascend Hospice, I have spent many hours at Waterford Ladies Home and thoroughly enjoy the staff and residents there. Our hospice patients receive the extra care they need to experience the quality of life they deserve. I especially enjoy seeing our full time massage therapist bring comfort to these ladies with her therapeutic touch and use of essential oils!

One of my favorite sayings regarding hospice is this:
“Hospice is not a fast track to the end of life; it’s simply choosing a smoother ride.”

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, there may come a time when the efforts to slow the illness are not working and become more harmful than helpful. If that time comes, choosing hospice might be the best solution. And though deciding when is the right time is a personal choice, patients tend to transition to hospice when they have decided to stop curative or aggressive treatments and focus on quality of life.

Review the list below of common signs that may help you decide if end-of-life care is the right choice for you or a loved one:

*   You’ve decided to no longer receive treatments to cure your illness
*   A physician has given you a prognosis of six months or less if the illness was to run its normal course
*   There are no further treatments available, and you want to focus care on comfort and relieving symptoms
*   You have an increase in pain and nausea, as well as breathing difficulties
*   You have a decrease in appetite and are experiencing significant weight loss
*   There’s been an increase in your number of hospital stays and emergency room visits
*   You have difficulty swallowing
*   You require assistance in walking, eating, bathing and dressing
*   You have the desire to focus on quality of life and not quantity of years
*   You want to remain at home and not spend your time in the hospital
*   You are sleeping more, have a decrease in alertness and are emotionally withdraw

Hospice care offers patients the opportunity to live life more fully with control, comfort and dignity. Whether it’s for one month or six, Ascend Hospice’s team of professionals will provide you or your loved one with exceptional medical care as well as strong emotional and spiritual support.

Our team of professionals is always available and happy to arrange an appointment to discuss when and if hospice care is the right choice for you. Please contact us at 816-584-8111, email or fill out our convenient online form today